Collegium of Anton Neuwirth



The Collegium of Anton Neuwirth (CAN) was founded in 2009 on the model of prestigious medieval universities. Just like in Oxford, the students and teachers live together on one campus and debate, dine and pray together. If you want to learn to think critically, formulate arguments and discern their truthfulness, and if you also have a desire to grow personally and spiritually, Collegium is the place for you.


During your studies at Collegium you will not only expand your knowledge in various fields, but also learn to listen to others and express your ideas clearly and defend them. Collegium wants to stimulate intellectual growth and student’s ability to think critically. The skills acquired during studies at CAN will not only help you in your further studies, but also in your professional and personal life.


The basics of our teaching methods are seminars with discussions about the literature students read prior, and through writing of argumentative essays. The program is complemented by discussions with guests from various spheres of the public and private sector, weekend soft skill trainings and spiritual retreats.

What does the College offer you?

  • Quality liberal arts education focused not only on development of one’s mind, but also character
  • Studying in the style of prestigious universities, which consists of: reading the works of great authors, discussions and in an honest search for answers to fundamental life questions
  • Educators who are interested in you and want to be your partners on the road to knowledge
  • Living in a community of 28 inspiring young people
  • Dormitory in the chateau from the 18th century
  • Weekend activities focused on the development of practical skills
  • Colloquia (meetings) with inspiring personalities from various areas of public life