What is Collegium?

The Collegium was established in 2009 as an independent educational institution. Its aim is to shape young people in the spirit of Christian values and the cultural heritage of Western civilization. We currently offer educational programs for children, high school students, university students and the general public.

The Collegium wants to help young people:

  • discover the values of Western civilization in the texts and works of great authors,
  • discover and develop their own potential for the good of the whole society,
  • learn to think independently and critically,
  • gain a broader view of the world, society and their place in it,
  • lead an informed and fair discussion on current issues.


The vision of the Collegium of Anton Neuwirth is to help hundreds of principled men and women enter into various spheres of public life in Slovakia and Europe, who will, through their common sense and virtuous life, give testimony to the True, the Good, and the Beautiful.

About our education

We draw on the experience of first-class educational institutions around the world, which focus on finding answers to big questions with students instead of providing them with solutions. We do not rely on lectures, but emphasize discussion through seminars and academic essays. These methods require students to take an active approach to the educational materials and the statements they provide.

The Collegium helps students discover what topics and questions the great thinkers and authors are solving, show why these questions are still important today, and critically examine the truth of their claims through discussion with others. How do these statements relate to our lives, to the world?

Character formation – which is fading from contemporary universities – is inherent in Collegium’s methods and content in all of its programs. We ask questions like: Does the end justify the means? Was Hitler a true leader? Is morality a social consensus? Which understanding of the role of the state is more acceptable: the state as an educator, or the state as a “watchman”? How do we know we don’t live in the Matrix? Is lying always bad? …

Our students:

✔︎ read originals – original texts by great authors

✘ do not use textbooks


✔︎ discuss content and timeless topics

✘ information is not memorized


✔︎ receive specific feedback

✘ are not graded with marks


✔︎ they explore new questions together with teachers

✘ aren’t passive participants at lectures

Our programs

We believe that the task of education is, in addition to discovering the facts about the world, also to help children and young people learn to think independently, evaluate statements and situations, learn about the essential ideas and works of our civilization and grow as a person. All our programs are based on the principles of Classical and Character Education – an approach which combines valuable content with a quality student-focused methodology.

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Our flagship residential program for university students and high school graduates.

Extra-curricular program for high school students focused run in cooperation with teachers across Slovakia.

The first modern Classical Education elementary school of its kind in Slovakia.

Kolégium ONLINE

An online program for general public. Participants may join in the live online seminars on topics from theology and art to chess.

The story of Collegium

There were several reasons for founding the Collegium of Anton Neuwirth. The first was the need for quality education in humanities, which was lacking in Slovakia and which would focus on developing the thinking and communication skills as well as character of the student. Another reason was our desire to enrich Slovak public life with decent people who will help change life in our country for the better through the various ways upon which they embark after Collegium.



Although the Collegium was officially established by registration in the Register of Civic Associations of the Ministry of the Interior of the Slovak Republic on February 6, 2009, its real opening was the admission of the first students to a unique 9-month study-formation program on Monday, September 21, 2009.


The dream of a stable educational institute was also dreamed by the late Anton Neuwirth, whom many of us had experienced as a friend. It is our hope that the Collegium, with its professional and dedicated approach deserves to bear the name of this distinguished Slovak personality, whose life motto was “To cure evil by the means of love”.

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